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    Energy Data Solutions

    Providing the full spectrum of meter data management services since 1999.

    Providing the full spectrum of meter data management services since 1999.

While meter data is the lifeblood of a utility for billing purposes, with the proliferation of interval and smart metering, this data is the source for in- depth analytics providing utilities with insights into many key areas of their business.

Proficiency in the management of metering data as a valuable resource has thus become a critical business requirement for modern utilities.

Meter Meter Data Management (MDM) covers many aspects of metering data management, from physical meter data retrieval systems and data integrity validation, through to the delivery of the ‘clean’ data to numerous other applications within the utility.

We've been providing the full spectrum of meter data management services to the largest utility in Africa since 1999. Our systems and processes have proven to be robust and reliable, without a single meter reading being lost or corrupt over the past 20 years.

Track Record

  • Support over 40 000 meters, the largest installed base of automatically interrogated meters in Southern Africa, having implemented Eskom’s AMR system – Itron MV-90.
  • Provided support for both NamPower’s and Electricidade de Moçambique’s Itron MV-90 AMR systems.
  • Eskom uses our ENYGMA Meter Data Management solution, enabling easy meter data analytics and a reliable data feed to the billing system on a monthly basis.
  • Developed the Load Studies Data Store, a central master data management system for the South African National Load Research programme.
  • Developed and implemented the National Measurement and Evaluation Centre (NMEC) Energy Efficiency Measurement and Verification (M&V) system, used to administer the nationwide DSM initiative.

Meter Data Management Services

  • Automated Meter Reading Systems Implementation
    Our team implemented the first large scale Automated Meter Reading (AMR) systems in South Africa (Eskom) and Namibia (NamPower), and has been supporting the systems for the past 10 years (Itron MV-90).
  • Integration
    One of our greatest strengths is our systems integration capability. We're able to complete full turnkey projects using varied combinations of products from vendors such as Itron, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, ABB and Wonderware.
  • Meter to Bill Turnkey Solution
    Our Energy Data Solutions team has been involved in the utility 'meter to bill' environment since the mid-1990s. Our business analysts, engineers and solutions architects can empower your organisation to cost effectively establish a robust metering data management foundation, or we can manage your full AMR operational environment on your behalf.
  • Helpdesk & Operations
    Our Helpdesk provides 24/7 system support on both vendor and in-house solutions.

Meter Data Management System


ENYGMA is a ready-to-use, customisable system for validation, estimation, editing, mass storage, custom reporting, exporting, importing, analysis and automation of large sets of metering data. It allows for automation of meter data management and billing processes, and ensures that only valid data is transferred to billing and other operational systems.