• Netinium
  • Netinium’s advanced AMM+ smart multi-device management platform is a reliable, well-tested head-end solution for every type of smart meter and communication means.

    The field-proven technology provides a solid solution for data collection, data integration and management of unlimited numbers of devices. The Netinium platform offers:

    • The flexibility to easily include any smart device into your network, thereby avoiding vendor lock-in;
    • Increased efficiency, by creating a single network infrastructure of interoperable smart devices;
    • Automated, uniform management processes at the highest security and privacy level.
  • Installation Management

    One of the flagship functions of the Netinium platform, offering activation, integration and management of meters into the grid.

    Installation Management
    • Monitors the status of all smart meters from any brand across all communication networks, from a single operations environment.
    • Automatic installation processes support any installation scenario for single or multi-utility metering.
    • Automatic discovery, installation, configuration, validation and notification of new devices.
    • Monitors roll-out progress, installation incidents and device incidents for SLA management.
    • Alerts meter data management or other third party back-end systems of events and state changes using industry standard IEC61968 CIM.
    • Secure shipment file management with automatic import, update, matching, validation and security key management.
    • Automated meter exchange process, including support for multi-utility metering.
    • Automated configuration process for replaced devices, including data concentrators, meters, slave meters and IHDs for plug-n-play maintenance.

    Device Management

    Despite the many promises on the possibilities of big data, good analysis requires high quality data input. Proper, ongoing device management guarantees a constant flow of high quality data.

    Device Management
    • Drills down to every single parameter of an individual device.
    • Finds devices based on any combination of 100+ attribute types, such as manufacturer, date of installation, firmware versions, device hierarchy, and events.
    • Retrieves specific device configuration data.
    • Operates remote disconnect switch and retrieves current switch position from devices.
    • Views complete device history, communication history and executed past commands from first installation to end-of-life.
    • Scheduled actions for each device.
    • Automated security key management and viewing of security key change history.
    • Manages and configures devices and related devices remotely – reboots devices, synchronises time, reconfigures network addresses, and updates firmware of specific modules of devices.
    • Remotely fixes misconfigured devices.
    • Pairs and unpairs parent-child relations between devices.
    • Decommissions devices and destroys all related devices that are end-of-life.

    Data Collection

    Collects data from multiple meters and head-ends, all applying different communication standards and data scheduling settings.

    Data Collection
    • Automatic data collection from all smart meters from any brand across all communication networks, from a single operations environment.
    • Flexible, autonomous data collection for specific devices, device groups or mass data collection without the need for a MDM system.
    • Configures the type of data to be collected per meter type or group, including billing data, interval data, power quality data, and events and alarms.
    • Monitors data collection and exceptions for SLA reporting.
    • Scheduling takes account of specific quality-of-services of various communication network types and protocols.
    • Collection model supports data pull, data push or combinations.
    • Configurable data retention period complies with SLA requirements and local regulations.
    • Request-driven data collection and anonymised data fields comply with privacy requirements.