• Enygma
  • ENYGMA is a ready-to-use, customisable system for the end-to-end management of commercial and industrial interval metering data.

    ENYGMA makes managing metering data easy by automating most meter data management processes.

    ENYGMA ensures that only valid data is transferred to billing and other operational systems, such as management reporting, predictive failure, and maintenance scheduling. ENYGMA offers:

    • Comprehensive audit trails;
    • A single automated data entry instance, eliminating duplication and human errors;
    • Meter monitoring and event notifications to alert operators of events that could have an impact on the correctness of metered data and the integrity of the metering environment.
    • Data uploads from any source, including .CSV files;
    • Automatic data validation according to pre-set rules and protocols to identify problematic input data;
    • Validation, editing and estimation of data to correct invalid data values;
    • Interfaces with all external systems, such as billing, demand side management, trading, condition monitoring and external data display systems;
    • Multiple levels of security and user access to ensure segregation of users according to operational requirements;
    • Scalability to handle over a million separate meters.
  • ENYGMA Core

    The base set of components required to provide basic meter data repository and validation processes.

    Master Data Manager

    The Master Data Manager creates and maintains all master data required to align the system to the external systems from which data is received and to which data is sent. ENYGMA’s configuration of hierarchies allows different business groups within a utility to order their data according to their processing needs (i.e. Generation, Transmission, Network and Billing). Sharing meter data between hierarchies, allows storing and managing of only one instance of data to support all organisational needs.

    Validation Manager

    The Validation Manager runs selected validation tests on data imported into the system, according to specified business rules. These include standard tests, but custom tests or validations can be added. Validations are run against the various data sources and source types prior to data import, and then again on the data itself, once imported. The validation process is an integral part of importing and processing data prior to its use for any reporting or exporting to external systems.

    The Validation Manager sets various statuses to the data values, depending on whether the data has passed or failed the defined validation tests. Additional business rules then determine the next data processing steps (hold the data for approval or allow the data through).

    Data Export Manager

    The Data Export Manager supplies metering data to external systems. Each defined export may have its own defined file format and data structure, as well as specific business rules related to exporting the data.

    Data Import Manager

    The Data Import Manager loads metering data from multiple sources and types (files, web services, etc.) into a common data structure. This allows for consistent and reliable processing of data, including data approval, or rejection and application of validation rules.


    The Reporting module provides standard and custom reports based on each processing stage (Data Received, Data Staging, Data Processed and Data Exported).

    ENYGMA Options

    Additional modules providing enhanced functionality, such as editing, estimation and integration into other systems.

    Validation, Editing & Estimation

    The Validation, Editing and Estimation (VEE) module provides a single point for managing and standardising validation rules, changing or correcting data values, importing files and estimating missing data values. All operations are carried out through user intervention and are validated again before acceptance by the system.

    Meter Events Notification Engine

    The Meter Events Notification Engine notifies users of meter events that have occurred, typically voltage phase failures, which can impact the accuracy of metering data, and therefore the correctness of billing values. These events can either be reported in the meter source file, or imported from the Meter Events database from an external master station.

    ENYGMA Knowledge Applications

    Enhanced data analytics and reporting, providing either interactive data analysis or event-based notifications on pre-set thresholds.

    Revenue Assurance

    The Revenue Assurance module identifies potential revenue losses/gains based on customer usage patterns and behaviour over time and against typical reference profiles. Using this with the possibility of meter event information, load exhibiting non-standard patterns or events can be highlighted for further investigation.

    Distribution Asset Analysis

    The Distribution Asset Analysis module predicts failure and maintenance requirements for physical assets, such as transformers, and also identifies equipment that is under-utilised.

    Management Reporting

    The Management Reporting module is customisable according to the required organisational management reports. Typical reports would be Interval Estimations, Data Changes, Energy Impact and Demand Impact.