• Choice
  • CHOICE Revenue Intelligence™ is the only proven revenue assurance solution for energy and water utilities in emerging markets.

    Worldwide, energy utilities lose an estimated $85 billion annually due to theft. At the same time, calls for energy and water conservation are growing more urgent. Utilities are seeking ways to protect their revenue and reduce waste without large capital investments.

    The suite of software solutions transforms disparate data sources into actionable information for the successful recovery of non-technical losses (NTL). Sophisticated algorithms accurately predict fraud probability and associated financial return for each customer.

    Revenues increase, and fraudulent energy consumption is reduced, with little to no impact on the utility's budgeted operational costs.

  • Portfolio

    The core intelligence platform, performing complex investigations into disparate data sources.

    • Performs complex investigations into disparate data sources, including Consumer Information Systems (CIS), billing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
    • Readily accepts the utility’s current investigation rules and customer profiles.
    • Defines utility-specific investigation rule effectiveness and financial return potential for each customer, using unique algorithms.
    • Identifies best targets for maximising field inspection productivity through interactive selection options, such as consumer type, location area, high financial return, and risk vs. return.
    • Delivers proven return on investment (ROI) results within months of activation, and continuously evolves as thieves change tactics.


    Innovative geo-spatial intelligence solution.

    • Provides an interactive, colour-coded topological map view of where the greatest risk and financial return potential exist.
    • Prioritises and optimises inspection targets graphically through simple point and click interaction.
    • Showcases problem customer clusters quickly and easily.


    Unique collection solution to accelerate the recovery of past-due revenue.

    • Uses clustering algorithms to create segments according to customers’ likeliness to respond to varying combination of collection activities.
    • Algorithms take into consideration prioritising more costly actions such as disconnections.
    • Insightful cluster responses provide new dunning rules to accelerate the collection process, getting maximum revenue in the shortest period of time.
    • Dramatically impacts write-off ratios.
    • Delivers proven ROI results within months of activation, and continuously evolves as new clusters are identified.

    Intelligence Centre Services

    Ongoing support from CHOICE and EOH data scientists.

    Intelligence Centre Services
    • Proactive involvement with the utility team post-deployment.
    • Assists in interpretation of data, drawing on years of revenue assurance and collections expertise.
    • Shares the latest knowledge and best practices.
    • Proven best approach to maximising system performance and ROI.