We complete full turnkey projects using both our own and partner products.


Our web-based Energy Trading System consists of a number of integrating software modules, each fulfilling a particular energy trading requirement.


ENYGMA is a ready-to-use, customisable metering data system for the end-to-end management of commercial and industrial interval metering data.


DRPro is our ready-to-use, customisable demand response platform to manage commercial and industrial demand response programmes.


Our Renewable Energy Forecaster accurately predicts renewable energy production. It integrates as an additional module to our Energy Trading System.


CHOICE Revenue Intelligence transforms disparate data sources into actionable information to successfully recover non-technical losses.

Netinium AMM+

Netinium AMM+, multi-device management platform, is a reliable head-end solution for every type of smart meter and communication means.

Case Studies

Organisations such as the Southern African Power Pool, Eskom, NamPower, the Department of Energy and Electricidade de Moçambique currently benefit from our solutions.